C02: Development of Novel Asymmetric Quantum Matters

Principal Investigator of Planned Research

    C02 group aims to promote interdisciplinary research based on asymmetry in crystal structures and electronic states, to establish strategic material search methods, and to create innovative cross-correlational materials through the development of a wide variety of materials and the evaluation of their precise physical properties.

    In particular, we will create spatially seamless asymmetric quantum materials by utilizing chemical methods such as hydrothermal methods and high-temperature and high-pressure synthesis under extreme conditions, and by precisely evaluating local asymmetries by combining NMR and structural analysis.  Based on the asymmetry of matters, we promote interdisciplinary research by achieving a unified understanding of material systems across various fields, including inorganic and organic compounds, molecular clusters, and metamaterials, which have been developed independently due to differences in spatial scale.

    In collaboration with B01 and C01, we will strategically develop materials based on the guiding principle of asymmetry considering the symmetry of crystal structures and ordered states. This visualizes the conventional rule of experience in material search as formal knowledge. In the evaluation of physical properties, we will collaborate with A01 and A02 to search for novel cross-correlation phenomena and explore the frontier of asymmetric materials science.