C01: Development of Archetypal Asymmetric Quantum Matters

Principal Investigator of Planned Research

    In C01, we aim to create material systems of asymmetric quantum substances and deepen the understanding and control of their functionalities through systematic research.

    When inversion symmetry is broken in a crystal, axial second-rank tensor becomes active. Since the axial tensor couples polar and axial physical quantities, functions such as electro-magnetic effects are manifested. In C01, we will synthesize various materials and observe crystal structures, constituent elements and electronic states, and the relationship between the asymmetry and their functions.

    Our goal is to develop archetypal asymmetric quantum material systems, ranging from atomic to cluster sizes, where asymmetry and functional properties are strongly related.

    Under this objective, researchers with expertise in various materials and synthesis methods have formed C01, and we will collaborate on studying diverse yet interconnected physics. We will conduct the synthesis and characterization of materials with locally broken inversion symmetry, such as zigzag, honeycomb, Kagome, and diamond lattices, as well as crystals without inversion symmetry, such as chiral and polar. This includes the exploration of chiral magnetism, hidden orders in uranium compounds, and asymmetry control utilizing van der Waals stacking.