B01: Fundamental Theories and Theoretical Design of Asymmetric Quantum Matters

Principal Investigator of Planned Research

    B01 group develops a basic theory on asymmetric quantum matters and performs materials design based on computational materials science. We connect A01/A02 groups and C01/C02 groups by developing microscopic theories that explain observations in A01/A02 and assisting materials development in C01/C02.

    In collaboration with A01 and A02, we will construct a “fundamental theory” of extended multipoles and their responses to external fields. In particular, we focus on cross-correlations that emerge as a result of a symmetry breaking of extended multipoles. We will also develop theories to observe and identify extended multipoles, which are often hidden because of difficulty of direct measurement.

    In collaboration with C01 and C02, we will develop methods of first-principles calculations for performing quantitative descriptions of transition temperatures of extended multipoles and cross-correlations emerging in the ordered phase. This will lead to “materials design” that predicts a new asymmetric quantum matters.