A02: Exploring Novel Functionalities in Asymmetric Quantum Matters through Precise MeasurementsA02:

Principal Investigator of Planned Research

    A02, we develop new functional materials by combining microfabrication technology and various macroscopic measurements in high resolution.

    In particular, we will focus on spontaneous ordering and collective excitation modes of the composite (multipolar) degrees of freedom in electronic systems caused by asymmetric electronic states. The goal of our research project is the quantification of the susceptibility and its anisotropy of various cross-correlation responses to the external fields such as current, heat flow, strain (lattice rotation), and magnetic field by precise (fundamental) physical property measurements, and to “visualize” asymmetric quantum matters from the viewpoint of macroscopic physical properties.

    Furthermore, we will establish fundamental technologies for domain control of asymmetric quantum matters by combining microfabrication using high-power focused ion beam (FIB) and real-space magnetization imaging. We explore new functions of asymmetric quantum matters through strong collaboration and cooperation with researchers inside and outside the research area.

    The ultimate goal is to lead the evolution of next-generation material science and to frame the “Asymmetronics”, which bring about a fundamental change in condensed matter physics from the field of basic research.